It’s about that time of year again. Time to start thinking about Spring Cleaning!

Regular and proper cleaning of your home and carpets will prevent damage and ensure years of use out of your floors and carpets.

We’ve compiled a list of a few spring cleaning tips to help your home and your carpets be the best they can be…

1. Create a plan and set some goals

Creating a list of areas in your home that you need to clean can be a big help. List out any areas of your carpets that need special attention and cross them off as you go through your home. Make sure to set some time goals for your list, otherwise they might not get done until Summer.

2. Take an inventory of your cleaning supplies

Home and carpet cleaning supplies are important to keep in your home so that you can tackle any cleaning emergencies, but before you undergo your Spring Cleaning take a look to make sure you won’t keep running out of any cleaning supplies. If you need additional carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning supplies you can give us a call to find out recommended products.

3. Take care of only one area at a time

If you’re able to stay focused on one area of your home at a time, cleaning tasks will get done faster and more efficiently. Go back to your list and tackle one cleaning task at a time. This is especially useful when you’re cleaning your carpets, as you won’t end up “Cleaning yourself into a corner”.

4. De-clutter your home before cleaning

This is an important step especially when cleaning carpets or floors. Clutter can cause frustration when cleaning, but also you may find stains in your carpets that you didn’t know where there. Make sure your cleaning time will be used most efficiently by de-cluttering your home.

5. Open the windows for fresh air

By opening the windows you not only allow air flow to remove any smells from cleaning supplies, but you’re also it’s just plain old refreshing to smell the sweet Spring air as you’re cleaning your carpets.

6. Clean each room from top to bottom

To make sure your carpets stay as clean as possible, clean each room starting at the top of the room and working to the carpets. This will allow for any dust or “webs” that fall down to be cleaned up last and your carpets will be left as clean as possible.

Have any other carpet cleaning or spring cleaning tips? Let us know in the comments below.